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The International Beliefs and Values Institute (IBAVI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that addresses real-world issues of conflict resolution, human rights, sustainability, global education, and religious and cultural understanding through innovative and interdisciplinary scholarship, education, and service.

Our Mission

The mission of the International Beliefs and Values (IBAVI) institute is to explore beliefs and values and how they influence actions, policies, and practices around the world. Our efforts promote conflict resolution, human rights, sustainability, global education, and religious and cultural understanding. The mission and concomitant activities of the IBAVI are deliberately pluralistic, critically-minded, and self-reflective, grounded in sound scholarship, and informed by reasoned dialogue. Working with colleagues, groups, institutions, and organizations around the world, the IBAVI addresses these issues through interdisciplinary research, education, practice, advocacy, and professional exchange.